Santa Perversa & Other Erotic Poems

Cover art by Adriana Y. Gallego.

ISBN 0-9660773-6-9 / 2001 / $7.00 / 32 pages / saddlestitched

"Self love. Power. Shamelessness. Sexual curiosity. All of these are elements of the erotic that alejandra ibarra invokes in these poems. They speak to a yearning, a jonesin', a hunger that feeds Chicana spirituality and sexuality. The poems in this collection are located at the crux of experience, imagination and expression... Their lyricism invokes the rhythm of the clave beat, as well as the repetition of a lover's whispers...ibarra creates new models for talking about love within Chicana feminist discourse. Santa Perversa is one incarnation of a new subjectivity."
—From the Forward by Eliza Rodriguez y Gibson.




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